Greetings Pittsburg Neighbors,

I was not responsible for the flyer "STOP SEENO" although they used my quote from last City Council meeting and my OHCG.NET website without approval or notice of any kind. Also there is no 2000 Oak Hills address as listed on the flyer.

The flyer was fraudulent and a violation of Federal mail-fraud laws and FairPolitical Practices Regulations of California. I am conducting an investigation, have contacted the Police Department and Federal Offiials, and plan to prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

OHCG and I are not opposed to the Bailey Estates project. By the way it is NOT owned by Seeno. There are some who have suggested SEENO is responsible for the flyer so the project will stall and he can buy the land.

I will uncover those responsible for this. I apologize for the confusion this fraud has caused.

Thank You for your interest and support.

AJ Fardella
925 457 0770 cell