Inspector Ray Giacomelli
In Memorium To An American Hero

Ray Giacomelli grew up in Point Richmond. He graduated from Salesian High School in 1975 and then from Los Medanos College in Pittsburg. Giacomelli became interested in law enforcement when his older brother, Leo, signed on as a reserve officer with the Albany Police Department. After paying his way through the police academy, he was hired by the Pittsburg Police Department before he graduated. That was 23 years ago. Ray is survived by his wife and two daughters.

"Being a family man was his strongest point,"
"He made sure his family came first. He was a very active father -- second to none."
"It's just that he always had fun," he said. "He was full of life. He had fun no matter what he was doing. I just remember his smile. He was just smiling and happy and having a good time, which was very typical for him."
"If he wasn't a cop, he surely would have been a chef at a restaurant",

- Leo Buller.

"He was a very respectful kid. I had nothing but good feelings about him."

-Father David Purdy,

"He lived his life with a lot of enthusiasm at work and a lot of professionalism, and at home his wife and children came first."
"He lived his life to the fullest,"

-Leo Giacomelli

"Inspector Giacomelli was a courageous police officer who gave his life so that we can live in safety,"

-Gov. Gray Davis

A trust fund to help Giacomelli's two teenaged daughters, Jessica and Christina, has been established.
Send Your donation checks to :
Jessica and Christina Trust Fund,
Merrill Lynch,
1111 Broadway, 22nd Floor,
Oakland, CA, 94607