Oak Hills Community Non-Emergency Group Incident Report Form

This web page provides a non-emergency incident report form.
If you have a real emergency dial 911.
Pittsburg non-emergency number is 925-646-2441,use this number if you want an officer to investigate right away but it is not life threatening.

Use this online form if you want to report an incident which does not require an officer or is too late for the officer to do anything about it.

The report generated by this online form will be emailed to OHCG through your email program. We then screen for spam and forward them to Pittsburg PD Neighborhood Watch Liason Officer.
You may also print this form out and use it to gather information about an incident or crime then hand it to the first officer on the scene.

Person making this report.

Pittsburg CA 94565
Approximate Time of this incident:
							Date: e: 2003

Who was involved?
Please describe the person(s) involved in the incident and their names if known. If you were unable to see anything just say "unknown"

What happened?
Please describe in your own words what happened.

Where did the incident occur?

Any other information.

Automobile Description Report
Make Year Color Body Style
License # State Identifying Features
Suspect Description Report
Sex Race Height Weight
Age Hair Eyes Glasses
Tattoos Facial Hair Complexion Marks/Scars
Hat Tie Coat Shoes
Trousers Shirt Walk or Limp Accent/Speech
How Many Were There?

What Suspect Said:

What Did They Do?

What Did They Take?

Which Way did They Go?
Were There any Witnesses?